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Dante Millerstone

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Dante Millerstone

Post  Loki on Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:32 pm

Dante Ray Millerstone


    Name: Dante Millerstone

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Spiked hair, orange colour
    Skin Tone: White
    Deformities: Nothing
    Accessories: Some piercings in his left ear. Always using glasses.
    Mage Type: Earth Dragon Slayer

    Earth Dragons Roar
    Level: 1
    Range: Long - Close
    Description: When Dante does this attack, eath, rocks, and some big rocks are thrown off his mouth. The small rocks can cut and the bigger ones can break stuffs and even bones.
    Drawback: If the attack doesnt hit anyone in the area, it's cancelled and can break insides.

    Earth Dragon Punch
    Level: 1
    Range: Close
    Description: Dante covers his fist with the element earth. He can attack quickly, even thought the earth covering his arms are heavy.
    Drawback: If he doesnt hit anyone, the attack is canceled. If he hits something he can break it.

    Earth Dragon Scales
    Level: 1
    Range: Self
    Description: Dante covers himself with earth dragon scales. The amount of damage received is decreased, but it'll remove a little of speed, something which can be erased with training and getting used to the scales.
    Drawback: When the attack is cancelled or finished, the user gets tired and has difficult of getting up.

    Personaility: Dante tends to be alone sometimes. Not because he hates people, it's because he likes to be alone. But if someone talks to him, he has no problem with sharing things. The only thing he doesnt like is talking about his past, because he doesnt know what happened because he lost his memory. When it comes to fight, he doesnt doubt of fighting, but if someone who he cares is fighting with him, he won't fight, he will just talk to him and if the other person doesnt get convinced he just ignores him. Ironically, he's afraid of heights.

    History:Dante doesnt remember his past. He only knows that someday he woke up in the forest, without anyone taking care of him. Passing the days he was starving and at some point he fainted away. Not knowing that he was gonna survive, he woke up and he noticed that he was found by a dragon. When Dante saw him, he was scared and ran away. When he ran all he could, the dragon appeared again and this time Dante accepted him and he didnt run away. The name of the Dragon was Prowlus, the Earth Dragon. He was very quiet and he liked to be alone. He meditated all the days, and then he taught Dante the Earth Magic. Sooner, Dante became closer to him, treating him like a father to him. But one day, Prowlus dissapeared and Dante became depressed.
    Being a grown up man now, he joined Fairy Tail, looking for Prowlus, and looking for some quiet place where he could be.

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