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Rex Millerstone, one of The Ten Wizard Saints

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Rex Millerstone, one of The Ten Wizard Saints

Post  Loki on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:19 pm

Rex Ray Millerstone


    Name: Rex Millerstone

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35


    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Short Hair, brown colour
    Skin Tone: A little tanned but white
    Deformities: A scar through his chest.
    Accessories: N/A

    Mage Type: Wind Element User
    Name: Transformation
    Level: 5
    Range: Self
    Description: This is Rex's secret weapon. He transforms into a winged-demon with an incredible power. He only use it when he's fighting a real opponent which has never happened to him.
    Drawback: His attacks become unstable and he loses the vision of reality.

    Name: Hurricane (Demon Hurricane)
    Level: 4
    Range: Long
    Description: Rex takes a deep breath and then spit out a large amount of wind, which can be strong enough to move an entire house.
    Demon Description: The hurricane is more powerful and now can move an entire building. The users affected will require one post to recover.
    Drawback: While he's doing this spell, he can't move and if he jumps and do the spell, he can't defend.

    Name: High pressure Wind (Demon High-pressure wind)
    Level: 4
    Range: Long-Close
    Description: If the range is long, Rex throws High pressure wind bursts that can cut
    deeply, even limbs. If the range is close, Rex covers his fist with High-pressure wind that dont have so much power as long range, but can do seriously damage.
    Demon Description: Now the wind cuts through anything and the drawback is eliminated
    Drawback: After the attack he gets recoil, and take a moment to recover.

    Name: Demon Wind Turbine (Only used in Demon Form)
    Range: Long
    Level: 4
    Descrription: Rex creates large currents around his body. By moves his hand he can send high level tornado like winds at the foe. If they get caught by it they gets ripped apart.
    Draw back: He cant physicaly attack anyone

    Name: Demon Wind Breaker
    Level: 5
    Range: Long
    Description: Rex send a wave of very hot air towards the foe. He then sends a colder air force down onto the hot air creating a large explosion. The loud bang can pop someones ears and the explosion can kill them if they are cose enough.
    Drawback: He can get hurt by the explosion and his ears can be damaged

    Personaility: Rex is a spoiled guy and very arrogant. It comes from his childhood when all of his family treated him as a superior. Therefore, he started to think of himself as a rencarnation of God itself. To the Ten Wizard Saints he holds respect for them but in the end, he knows that he should be the leader of them, since he thinks of himself as the most strongest person of the world.

    History: Althought they do not look alike, Dante Millerstone and Rex are brothers. Unlike his brother, he was treated good in his family, being born by a rich family. He was given the most respect, taking it to being arrogant and believing him as a God. When his brother was born they didnt get along so well. And because of that, Rex was the one who left Dante to dead in the forest. He told his parents that he left to look for a better place, but it was all a lie. Sooner at the age of 20, Rex developed Magic, becoming a Wind Element User. He was the strongest of his family. Suddenly he left his house and then joined an Evil Guild. But his intenton was not join, it was killing all of the people inside it. A day after he joined he murdered all the people inside, including the womanand childrens. Because of that, he was imprisoned, but he was suddenly released because The Ten Wizard Saint wanted him. They gave him a position and now Rex waits impatiently to fulfill another achievement. One year after, he became a member of the Magic Council.

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