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Dragon Slayer Event

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Dragon Slayer Event

Post  Mana-Kun on Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:25 pm

Ok guys we have our first event and it basically only effects dragon slayers. From now until the end of this month is dragon mating season. Because dragon slayers are somewhat dragon they are effected by the mating season. No it does not mean they are horny and are constantly in heat. Both genders give off a aroma that could attract another dragon slayer. It does work for all sexualities regardless. Your scent attracts another dragonslayer to you. Guys have a sweet bittery Scent that smells a lot like cologne. Girls have a nice sweet flowery scent that smells like purfum. The scent can only be smelt by dragon slayers. The scent also has something else about it that attracts someone to them, it mostly depends on the person smelling it. Males tend to be more violent towards other males and females are generaly more sweet and motherly then usual.

This is basically a romance event. You dont need to go into smut and your character doesnt need to find a mate if you dont want to. Just remember the scents will effect your dragon slayer but you can always reject or ignore a scent if you please to.

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