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Coraza Chiodo, Steel Dragon Slayer

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Coraza Chiodo, Steel Dragon Slayer

Post  Coraza Chiodo on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:26 am



    Name: Coraza Chiodo

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20-ish

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Eyes: Crimson
    Hair: Black, inspired Vegeta-esque slicked back look
    Skin Tone: Light bronze
    Deformities: Scars on his arms.
    Accessories: A lot of facial piercings.
    Mage Type: Dragon Slayer

    Spell Name: Steel Dragon Scales
    Level: 2
    Range: my body
    Description: Coraza covers part of his body (or the entirety of it) with steel scales to dramatically increase his offense and defense. These scales are strong enough to shatter bone, and resilient against regular flames. This scale is much more harder than normal iron.
    Drawback: No specific ones.

    Spell Name: Steel Dragon Morph
    Level: 1
    Description: Coraza can change the chemical composition of his body to something very similar to a cross mercury and silly putty, but nowhere near as toxic. While in this form, all metal in the area becomes a simple extension of his body.
    Downside: Ice-based attacks will slow down Coraza considerably.

    Spell Name: Steel Dragon Sword
    Level: 2
    Range: The length and width of a buster sword.
    Description: Coraza transforms his arm or leg into a large steel blade.
    Drawback: Slow swings of the sword, and it slows down Coraza.

    Spell Name: Steel Dragon Lance: Demon Logs
    Level: 3
    Range: the range of a group of spears
    Description: Coraza extends one arm towards his target's direction, with the fingers outstretched, and then summons his Dragon Slayer magical seal in front of himself, from which he rapidly fires several iron spears at the enemy multiple times.
    Drawback: Coraza can only shoot in one direction.

    Personaility: Cora comes off at first as a frightful person, but when you get to know him, you'll find out that he is a nice person. He cares a lot for his adoptive little brother Radio Corvino and has been raising him after finding him as a child. Cora has a very short temper with those who decide to be annoying and/or harm his little brother. He lives for the thrill of combat, and is visibly frustrated when faced with circumstances where he is denied the opportunity of fighting a skilled adversary. Despite his cold personality, he has shown a humorous side of himself. He is apparently more perceptive than his demeanor, or ego suggests, and has demonstrated being able to relay indiscernible pieces of information, bearing meaning that most people would have trouble understanding otherwise, to his comrades. He also has a unique way of laughter. It goes as "Gi Hi Hi Hi".
    History: It is quite clear that Cora was raised by a Dragon. He was raised by the Dragon of Steel, Metalicana. Metalicana raised Cora like a son, but he did not baby him in any way. Metalicana proudly teached Cora the way of a Slayer at a early age, and he truly saw Cora worthy of being called his son. It wasn't easy either because Metalicana was a very strict Dragon that had very high expectations. Fortunately, Cora was able to meet those expectations and built the frame of a natural fighter.

    Unfortunately, on day 7-7-777, Metalicana disappeared, as did all other Dragons. He was then forced to wander at age 14. To add to his misfortune, when he was found by local officials, Kyo was arrested to the belief that he was some kind of beast. Then again, he was bailed out on the condition that he joined Fairy Tail. It also wasn't long before he became an S Class Mage himself, and he believed that everything that happened was all a part of his destiny. Were there more like him? If so, would he get to meet one? Regardless of what would happen, he truly believed that he was where he belonged.
Coraza Chiodo

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Re: Coraza Chiodo, Steel Dragon Slayer

Post  Mana-Kun on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:32 am

I approve this sucker >D

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