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Senetue Hirona

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Senetue Hirona

Post  Senetue on Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:20 am

Senetue Noir Hirona

    Name: Senetue Noir Hirona

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Brown and is mainly just combed down in each direction rather than having a snazzy style. Yet his hair does tend to stand up in some spots giving him a lazy look.
    Skin Tone: White
    Deformities: Has a scar in the shape of an X on his back.
    Accessories: Both of his ears are pierced along with his tongue and he is usually seen wearing a necklace which has a red gem in it.
    Mage Type: Fire Elemental

    Spell Name: Flame Generation
    Level: 4
    Range: Self - Mid
    Description: Is always used when Senetue is about to begin a fight, his body begins to give off waves of heat as he prepares to fight and before long fire spikes up around him like a river. The more angry Senetue gets, the flames will release greater heat but even when fooling around his flames are known to be unbearable.
    Drawback: Like all of his other flames he is at a disadvantage towards a Fire Dragon Slayer. Also the flames tend to obscure his view at time but it also tends to obscure the view of people fighting him.

    Spell Name: Flame Thrower
    Level: 4
    Range: Mid - Long
    Description: Senetue opens his mouth which causes a ball of flames to form just outside of it which quickly swells into a large mass of flames that soon enough shoots out in a large pillar of fire.
    Drawback: Takes two posts to power up to full capacity so if he is interrupted before hand he will release a weaker version which is only level 2. Once again Fire Dragon Slayers are immune to this since they can just eat the flames.

    Spell Name: X-Flame
    Level: 4
    Range: Close - Mid
    Description: Senetue’s arms are quickly covered in flames which are capable of scorching skin or even worse causing extreme burns which can leave some one scarred for life. He is well known for leaving an X marked scar on those who threaten him or Fairy Tail and this move is the one that causes it. He pretty much crosses his arms in front of his body before he quickly slashes them down releasing two pillars of flames which take on the form of an X.
    Drawback: Has a three post cool down after it’s used and Dragon Slayers of the fire variety are immune to it.

    Spell Name: Flame Sweep
    Level: 4
    Range: Close - Mid
    Description: The only move that uses his legs, Senetue’s legs are quickly coated in flames which he uses in combat by kicking at the air which causes a slash of flame to be sent out. This move can be used multiple times.
    Drawback: The Flames travel in definite paths which means they will never curve or do anything obnoxious as such. Thus they can be easy to dodge should a person time their dodge just right and they can be eaten by fire Dragon Slayers.

    Spell Name: God’s Fists
    Level: 5
    Range: Self
    Description: A move that is rarely seen, Senetue coats both of his fists in a layer of his strongest flames which he uses for hand to hand combat between himself and some one he absolutely hates. He will throw multiple punches at people with these fists which can leave behind scorch marks on the body.
    Drawback: Like Flame Sweep they are easy to dodge assuming some one knows how to dodge punches. Can be devoured by fire Dragon Slayers and is rarely seen since most people can’t get past his Flame Generation unless he lets them get close.

    Personality: Senetue has always been known for his generally serious attitude which rarely allows him to mess around with people unless he is generally in the mood. Such a time will rarely come and as such he is usually seen hitting people on the head to get them to be serious at the time. He believes that one must be as serious as possible which is the only reason he became strong and was able to become what he is today. Yet when he is not serious, he will typically screw around with anyone. He is known for being a very generous man and is also known for loving the people of Fairy Tail with every bit of his heart and is willing to give his life for the very guild he runs.
    History: Unlike most people, Senetue never had that great of a life as he had always been alone when he was able to walk and talk since he was thrown out of his home. His parents pretty much shunned their son, tossing him out the door and never opening the door when he tried to come back in. He spent various days just sleeping on the door step till while his parents treated him as some crazy poor child. Eventually he got the hint and left everything that he once had behind him and he began to live off the street. He would steal money from people or be kind and ask for money for food. If he couldn’t get those he would root through people’s trash or attempt to ask for just some food from stores. Everyone came to know this younger Senetue and even to this day some people can’t believe just how far he had gotten in life.

    It came like a surprise to him, while rooting through some one’s trash he was invited into the very home of the person who he was eating food from. He came to know the older gentleman very well, he was invited to stay in his home which he quickly took up the offer and decided to stay there as he was given food, water and even good clothing. His life seemed to turn around almost completely as the gentleman decided to teach the boy the art of being a mage. He was taught about using the elements for magic and it was quickly shown that Senetue leaned towards flames. He was taught so much by the older male that Senetue came to look up to him as a father until a horrible day soon enough came by.

    The old man was on his death bed, he had developed an illness which would be the downfall of his health and before he died he had reached out to Senetue. ‘Go forth… You have been one of the best children that I have ever raised. So go forth and create your own future. Use what I have taught you to make the world a better place.’ These words turned out to be his last as he quickly succumbed to his illness and Senetue did just that. He ended up coming across a guild of mages, a place called Fairy Tail which the guild master had let him in with open arms at the time. The man soon found out that Senetue was quite the hassle as he still had to learn how to use his powers right since he tended to lose control at times. The guild master took it on himself to help teach the young boy how to control his potentially powerful flames.

    The Guild Master had pulled Senetue aside, he spent days training with the Guild Master who had created a training regiment which would not only increase his strength as a mage but also his natural strength. Senetue spent days, weeks, months and a couple of years just following this regiment which brought to him control over the flames that he could generate. He soon enough rose through the ranks of Fairy Tail before reaching the point of a S-Ranked mage at arguably the youngest age in Fairy Tail history. Because of this the Guild Master named Senetue as his successor as he soon enough was feeling the affects of age and he needed to leave soon. Senetue was quickly thrown into the slot of Guild Master at a young age, being only nineteen at the time as he soon enough adopted his serious attitude. From that day Senetue has ran Fairy Tail to the best of his ability and he seems to be doing a good job since no one has left yet.

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Re: Senetue Hirona

Post  Mana-Kun on Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:53 pm


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