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Essex Stark Chespire

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Essex Stark Chespire

Post  Mana-Kun on Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:17 pm

Essex Stark Chespire


    Name: Essex Stark Cheshire

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: White/Silver,
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Deformities: Around his neck, wrists and back.
    Accessories: N/A
    Mage Type: Shadow Elemental with some other side types.

    Name:Shadow Rebel

    Description: Esse taps his weapon against the ground and the shadows around them become like Joses shade. It even takes over the users and foes shadow. The foes shadows looks just like the foe but its eyes are black. The shadows can physically grab and move objects or people. They can also shift their body shape.

    Drawbacks: Needs a weapon or an object that can hit the ground. Shadow Rebels cannot be airborne.

    Name: Darkness Enchant

    Description: Esses weapon becomes enchanted with the dark destruction element. It is able to cut and break things. It has pricing magic so it can cut through most armour. By swinging the blade it can sent a narrow wave of black destruction magic aka darkness magic.

    Drawbacks:Makes weapon heavier

    Name: Darkness Reach

    Description: Esses right eye starts to glow red a streams of dark long shadowy hand start crawling from his back. These arms extended towards the foe and rapidly maultiply. These hands can grab the foe and pull them apart if they get enough hands on them. It has a step two were it pulls them into the ground to a place Essex calls the Abyss. The abyss is like a never ending black emptiness. You can get out of it you did some like wene natsu broke free of Brains attack.

    Drawbacks: The hands take a fair bit of energy away.

    Name: Zero Zone

    Description: Essex creates a large dome of nothing but blank. It blocks out all light and leaves objects and people gray. Everyone and thing inside the dome loses their senses. They can still touch and feel, but their movements are slowed to almost nothing. In this Esse can move unexpectedly fast. His red eyes are the only thing visible to the foe. The dome is light proof and itll need some strong light magic to break it.

    Drawbacks: This attack causes major stress on Essexs body leaving him magic less for 2 posts after use. Can only be used 3 times a thread.

    Name: Night Shade

    Description: Essex can turn his body into a dark mist like substance and move quickly from place to place. Although weapons and stuff can still hurt him in human mode. He has to turn his hold body into it.

    Drawbacks: His whole body turns into it.

    Name:Shadow Hole

    Description:Essex can put things through shadows and make them appear in any other shadow he wants as long as it will fit. He can slip other spell through these. Works best at night.

    Drawbacks: A small wave on the shadow that he’s about to appear out of appears telling the foe where he is. And as long as the waves are active the portal also works for foe.

    Name:Dark Drill Blast

    Description:Dark energy forms around Essexs hand or finger tip, It then after fully charged fires a blast of destructive dark energy. Often it rips through the strongest of magic barriers.

    Drawbacks: 3 post recharge.

    Name:Demons Eye

    Description: Demons eye allows Essex to see in the dark. Wene in use his left eye glows red.

    Drawbacks: N/A

    Name: Demon Knight of the Seven Hells

    Description: All magical power of his seems to disappear as it then spikes up sending people to their knees. His hair grows longer and his eyes glow read and are emotionless. From behind him a shape starts to form. It soon makes a giant demon like knight seen in the above picture. His magical power is converted into pure physical abilities. The knight does most of the magic but can only use the Dark Drill Blast, Zero Zone, and Darkness Enchant. It can also attack doing more damage than most magic.

    Drawbacks: He himself can’t use magic and its very limited. It drain a lot of magical power from his body so afterwards he often coughs up blood and cant cast anymore magic until he can rest.

    Name: Griffins Judgement

    Description: {WIP} Equal in power to Fairy Law



    Essex is known as the boss who likes to joke around and eat candy all day. He could care less about what his members do but if it’s disrespectful he will kick in. He lets some brawls continue but he prefers his peace and order with in his guild. Essex allows his members to drink and have fun as long as they don’t destroy the guild and get to drunk.

    Essex has his creepy side. Its often dark and quite scary. Only a few people who have seen and regret it to the end. His creepy side will make you want to scream and it often ends in death. Some people say hes a demon others say he is a walking dead but he lets them figure out what he is.


    Essex was born a human in every way. His hair was once white and his yes blue. He grew up a normal boy. As he aged he gained a younger sister. He cared dearly for her and would die for her. Essex trained in a light magic and learned to become good with it at a young age but something went wrong.

    Wene Essex returned one day from school he found him family being attacked. He did what he could do to protect his family. All he managed to save was his little sister in return for his life. After he died he awoke in a dark pitless hell.

    Creatures roamed freely killing each other. Essex had to kill to get his way out. But unfortunately he wasn’t strong enough by himself. He gave his left eye to one of the Knights of the seven hells and gained his power. He killed his way out and made it back to the Earth land. He had spent about 6 years inside of it.

    Essex returned and joined a odd guild. It was one that got rid of dark guilds and was of high nobility. Its name was Griffin Wings. He hoped he would find his sister being in this guild. He grew up here more and more waiting to find his sister. It had turned out his light magic turned to dark wene he was in the Abyss.

    Essex became a S-ranked wizard in that guild and was highly feared for his magic abilities. He was declared as the strongest wizard in it. Anyone who fought against him had lost. Soon enough the guild master had his trial for inheritance. Essex was the one who passed it first and with the quickest timing so he became the leader of it. He learned Griffins Judgment upon becoming Guildmaster. He has been the Guild Master now for 6 years now.

    He was offered a place on the magic council but refused knowing how bound he would be. So instead he gained the tittle of a Wizard saint along with 3 others at the same time, Rex, and Senetue Horina Leader of Fairy Tail. Essex always had small feuds and played games with fairy tail members but he always played nice.


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