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Natsuki Dawn Lushson

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Natsuki Dawn Lushson

Post  Mana-Kun on Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:08 am

Natsuki Dawn Lushson


    Name: Natsuki Dawn Lushson

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Eyes: Gold
    Hair: Short Black, Somewhat spiky
    Skin Tone: Slightly Tan
    Deformities: N/A
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: He looks about 13 whens he around normaly and depending on what hes wearing. Wene hes serious he seems about 18
    Mage Type: Fire Dragon Slayer

    Name:Fire Dragons Roar


    Takes a deep breath before exhaling and sending a large amount of fire out of his mouth. With more training it can become stronger.

    Draw Backs: He needs to take a deep breath to do it. Takes a 3 post recharge.

    Name: Fire Dragons Scales


    Scales appear on his body. They raise his defence to almost everything except water but mostly increase his fire attacks.

    Drawbacks: Becomes very weak to water and wind


    Name: First Dragons Claw


    Natsuki slams his fists together. They become encased in flames and can easily burn someone severely if hit.

    Drawback: It’s a fairly weak spell but with training I can be improved.


    Natsuki is a happy guy. He prefers to be called Natsu or Suki. But he will go for other nicknames people give him. He is often never seen frowning and often gets along with everyone. Mean people like Felix often don’t like him but he often just smiles and talks to them all the time.


    Natsuki was abandoned by his parents when he was born. A dragon had found him in his forest as he was headed home. He felt sorry for Natsuki and took him home. The dragon was Vulcus one of the few fire dragons. This dragon raised Natsu, and gave him his name. He taught Natsu almost everything he needed to survive in human culture. Natsu was also taught to be loyal and respectful for those he cared about.

    Wene Natsu hit 8 Vulcus disappeared. He wondered around endlessly until a fairytail member found him. Natsu talked to him and became friends with him. This man was the leader of fairy tail and was very old at that. Natsu joined fairytail and a nice man from within fairytail allowed him to live with him. Wene Natsu hit 13 he went on a two year quest to try to find his dragon but had no luck. He had heard no news of a new leader of fairy tail until he arrived back recently.


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