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Hello, we are a friendly happy community happy to invite you to a Fairy Tail RolePlay. We would like you to read over our rules and important things. We are a non canon rp, meaning no one can play as Gajeel, Lucy, Natsu and so on. You may us them as a face claim if you please, but dont make them to much like the original.
Hello I am Mana, Allen, Jun and so forth. I am your head admin and creator of the site. I often answer questions and rp all day. Im usually around a lot because I dont have much of a life, but hey at least im here for you. I often creating characters and plotting with members, I am easy to get along with but dont try to get me angry.

This is Loke, G, Zero, Seeker. He is our Spanish Admin from Chile. I know hes epic. He is a nice guy and friendly rps with everyone. He does type fluent English and can understand a fair bit. He is willing to rp with you bu he may have to ask you what you are doing the thread just so he knows it because he may not get it.
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All pictures go to there owners. Fairy Tail belongs to there owner, we are not making money just sheer entertainment. Theme goes to creator. Side tables belong to Your creator and forumotion. All creative content goes to there maker/member.

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